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However, it will be exempted from any liability regarding those case in which there may be mistakes or variations in the photographs, the technical descriptions or the prices due technical or human errors. Similarly, it is stated that the photographs are simply a guide allowing for possible variations, since the grain and colour of wood may vary due to its nature. LA CUCHILLERÍA DE TARAMUNDI, S.A. will be exempted from contents, information, opinions or comments made public via its portal and will not respond for the use made of such information by the User. PRICE LIST 1. The price of the products is in EUROS and includes the taxes in accordance with the Spanish Legislation. The final purchase summary shows its final or total price, Prices exclude shipping expenses. The prices will be valid except in the case of typing errors. The prices given may be reviewed and modified at any time by LA CUCHILLERÍA DE TARAMUNDI, S.A. PAYMENT METHODS Once signed in to your account you will see your basket, then press “Confirm Order” to go on to Shipping and Payment. In this part you will specify if you want the order to be sent to registration address or to a different one, then making the payment according to the method chosen by pressing on “End Order-Payment Commitment Request”. Once the payment ends you will see order registration confirmation and receive such confirmation immediately in your email inbox. OPTIONS: 1. Cash on Delivery You may choose to pay cash on delivery of your order whenever the shipping is within the Peninsula. The payment will be made to the corresponding transport service upon receiving the purchase at its place of destination. Check our price rate for cash on delivery shipments. 2. Bank Transfer If you prefer paying via a conventional bank transfer (you jot down our account number and make the bank transfer from the closest branch of your), choose “indicate data for bank transfer”. If you prefer paying via an online transfer (perform your transfer directly via the Website of LA CUCHILLERÍA DE TARAMUNDI, S.A.), choose “indicate CUSTOMER data for bank transfer” to enter your data. It is important for you to indicate order no. “x”, together with your name and surname. The order will not be considered to be confirmed until LA CUCHILLERÍA DE TARAMUNDI, S.A. effectively verifies the payment has been made. Remember that all eventual exchange rate and bank charges will be at your expense when choosing this payment system. 3. Payment via Visa/PayPal: This is a totally safe transaction. The data entered will never be viewed or stored by us as the entire process is performed by the actual servers of PayPal. More information at www.paypal.com. SHIPMENTS LA CUCHILLERÍA DE TARAMUNDI, S.A. will not send any product until the Administration Department verifies the payment has been made whenever the payment method chosen is via credit/debit card or bank transfer. LA CUCHILLERÍA DE TARAMUNDI, S.A. will send the products via whatever means it considers appropriate to fulfil its commitments. Shipping Expenses Following is a table with the shipping expenses according to the delivery area:

Delivery AreaShipping Expenses (VAT included)
Península7 €
European Union + UK16 €

Free Shipping from 100€ (only for Spain) CUSTOMS AND DUTIES Whenever an order is from a country or territory outside the European Union, from the Canaries, Ceuta or Melilla, you may have pay duties and taxes on imports upon its arrival. DUTIES AND TAXES The customer will be responsible for finding out if the product can be legally imported in the country of destination. Taking into account that customs policies vary widely from country to country, we advise you contact your local customs office for more information. Any additional charge for customs clearance will be taken on by the consignee. It is also wise to take into account that there may external delays on our estimated delivery periods whenever customs clearance procedures are required. It will be taken into account that international trade is subject to inspections and checks carried out by customs authorities. Therefore, we may be forced to provide certain information, regarding the products which are part of the order, to the transport companies. Likewise, it is possible this information may also have to be shared with the appropriate authorities in order to ensure compliance with the legislation in force. Delivery Period An order is generally sent within a period of three working days from the moment it is received. However, these periods are just a guide and may vary due to production reasons, in which case we will always keep the customer informed, or to causes beyond our control. LA CUCHILLERÍA DE TARAMUNDI, S.A. does not commit itself to any specific delivery period as the shipping process depends on third parties. If a delivery is to be delayed beyond 7 working days, LA CUCHILLERÍA DE TARAMUNDI, S.A. will contact the customer to inform him about this. GUARANTEE To make use of the guarantee rights on our products, these will be returned inside their original packaging. Any defect or imperfection due to improper use or handling of the material or to the wear and tear caused due to its normal use will not be covered by this guarantee. RETURNS In the case of any return, please contact us via our email pedidos@cuchilleriataramundi.com. The shipping expenses will not be refunded. Likewise, the collection expenses will be on account of the customer. The product will be in perfect conditions for any return. The price of the goods will be refunded, in accordance with the payment method used by the customer, once these are received and their state has been checked. In any case, La Cuchillería de Taramundi, S.A. will accept the return of faulty products and erroneous shipments and pay for the shipping expenses as long as the customer informs about these circumstances within a period of seven (5) days from the date the shipment is received